Jay Jalaram Bricks Works – JJB, We are one of the leading producer and exporter of facing bricks in India.

In the last 3 decades we have helped turn ideas and blueprints into welcoming classics, structures that are appealing yet functional expressions of individuality crafted to add value for generations. Our bricks have won the hearts of architects around the country, time and again from IIM-Ahmedabad to hundreds of other architectural marvels, our products have proved its mettle.

We have a wide range of products from the most traditional bricks to the most modern light weight hollow clay blocks. We have focused on creating sustainable products that are produced in the most efficient way to have minimum impact on the environment and highest quality for buildings of the future. We have invested in technologies to create products that are of international standards and yet affordable for the local market.

The Brick Store – TBS is one of our latest initiative and a gift for the Indian brick buyers where they can experience international range of clay facing bricks and wall cladding bricks from JJB. We promise to surprise you with wide range of bricks and ambiance at our each TBS. Where to Buy

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